Get your free Thank You Cards to spread love + kindness


It seems that whenever you turn on the TV or scroll through social media nowadays, there is one sad story after another. Although we can't change the world, each one of us can do our part to focus on the good....good people, acts of kindness and people making a difference. 

When you join the Personal Hero community, you will receive a download of this Thank You card. My hope is that you will print some out and leave them around your community or send some love through the mail. 

Some ideas:

  • give one to your barista that makes you a wonderful latte with a happy smile
  • leave one on a police officers car
  • bake cookies for a neighbor and attach this card
  • leave a generous tip for your waitress and leave this card
  • pass them around to people you see during your day
  • leave them randomly for a surprise treat
  • send them to your friends and family

However you choose to use these cards, every time you use one you will be making a difference in the life of someone else. You will be helping to spread love + kindness which is so desperately needed.





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