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Personal Hero

We are constantly bombarded with negative messages. The media thrives on it.
What about all the wonderful, amazing things that happen every day?  
If we were instead to focus on all the positive, what would our world look like?  
Have you ever received an unexpected compliment at a time
when you were feeling down?  
How did that make you feel?  
Did it suddenly change your perspective on your circumstances?  
What if we could build a world where we look for ways to lift others up.
To show love and gratitude.
Every day we are given these opportunities...
Your daughter who shows courage during a time of difficulty. 
Your neighbor who just found out she is going to be a mama. 
Your mother who inspires you to reach for the stars. 
Your employees who always go above and beyond.
Your friend who comforted you in your time of need. 

At Personal Hero our mission is simple:

Share encouraging and inspiring stories of people making a difference
Be a place for you to share your messages of gratitude
Be your go to shop for thoughtful and unique handmade gifts to help you beautifully communicate your love and appreciation, for all people and all occasions.