Personal Hero Gratitude Giveaway

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Personal Hero Intention Candle - Gratitude:
Our Intention Candles are not only a heartfelt gift of gratitude, but they are also a visual reminder to set our intention on what we want to bring into our life. 
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Personal Hero Three Blessings Gratitude Bracelets:
Our Gratitude Bracelets are to help remind you to consciously focus on the blessings in your life, and the people that are grateful for you.
You will receive two bracelets - one for you and one to share.
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Plus, we have some special gifts of gratitude to share with you:

  • A free card to send some love and gratitude through the mail to someone special.
  • A free Three Blessings Journal download to track your daily gratitude.
  • Exclusive discounts on our Intention Candles and Gratitude Bracelets

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