Forever My Hero Pre-Release

Additional Message Cards available
(card that goes inside bracelet box)


My Hero, Honorable and Brave
My hero does not just wear combat boots but a badge of commitment and courage.
No matter what honorable journey my hero takes, my heart will always follow.
A brave soldier is forever my hero.


My Hero, Raises Others Up
Giving hope, spreading love, providing protection and offering healing.
Always raising others up with fierce compassion and a huge heart.
For all the lives they touch they are heroes,
And for me, mine is forever my hero.


You Are The Hero Of Your Story
You are loved.
You are enough.
You are strong!
The hard days aren't your whole story, just a small chapter.
Keep writing your story with fierce determination and remember that you are the hero of this book.


My Hero, An Angel In Heaven
Your wings took you away, but deep within my heart you will always stay.
For I hold tight to our memories and know that you will forever walk beside me.
An angel in heaven will forever be my hero.


My Hero, A Fearless Warrior
She stands against the storm.
When she faces the unknown she adjusts her sails and onward she bravely goes.
This battle does not define her - her fearless spirit does.
She can - and she will be - hMy er own hero.


My Hero, Placed Paw Prints On My Heart
A forever friend and a trusting companion. 
They ask for nothing in return but a warm place by your side.
To have your life blessed by a dog is to always have paw prints upon your heart.
My dog is forever my hero.


My Hero, Makes A Difference
To take a genuine interest in the life of another,
and want to make a difference in that person's life is a beautiful gift.
You not only teach the mind but you also nourish the heart.
You make a difference and you are forever my hero.


My Hero is perfectly imperfect.
A miracle by definition is out of the ordinary.
What makes us different does not make us less than.
Just like a snowflake, it is the differences that make things beautiful.
My forever hero is perfectly imperfect and perfectly beautiful.