About Us

Our Story


Personal Hero was born to nurture hope and healing in all of us. My husband, Eric is a Forensic Psychologist and his days are filled with sad stories. We found ourselves having the same evening unwind conversations about forgotten children and hurting hearts and I watched night after night as my husband labored over how he could help to offer these people hope amidst challenging odds.

We believe strongly that what you put your focus on grows and so our conversations quickly shifted from helplessness and overwhelm to inspiration and motivation. In those early conversations we felt a strong calling to share positive stories of everyday folks doing amazing things in the world. So we started Personal Hero with sharing stories about people that are making a difference. We wanted to be a place to escape the bombardment of bad news and be a refuge of good news. 

Along the way we decided that simply telling stories of amazing people wasn't enough. We wanted to find a way to encourage others to start their own ripple of love and gratitude out into the world. We decided to create a line of inspirational gifts. Gifts that would go behind the standard store bought items; that would convey more meaning and gratitude. Items that could be bought for the important people in our lives that would serve as a constant reminder of how very much they mean to us. We created our line of products with the core intention: honor self | honor others. This became our guiding light - to design beautiful messages to celebrate all the important things in life....including each one of us and the people we love.

Our first designs are gemstone bracelets and soy candles. Although we will grow from here, you can rest assured that we will continue to create thoughtful and unique handmade gifts that beautifully communicate your love and appreciation. We hope to be able to spread a little love + gratitude in the world and hope you will join us!

We still remain very active in sharing inspirational stories of Personal Heroes. Follow us on Instagram @personalhero where we share regular stories of people making a difference. And be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get our Weekly Dose of Inspiration delivered to your email inbox each Monday morning to start off your week on a positive note.


My Story

I am most grateful for my children. Having children was a roller-coaster journey of many ups and downs. There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank God for my son and daughter. They are my Personal Heroes because they inspire me to live each day to the fullest!

Most of my free time is spent with my family....going on new adventures, boating, playing games, being silly and enjoying life!

I love Starbucks chai tea (a little too much)! Oh, I am also obsessed with anything ginger. My family thinks I'm a little crazy....they're probably right!

I am in love with my chickens! I have always wanted a farm and was ecstatic when we moved out to the country. I quickly got some chickens and fell in love. You will often see me posting pics and stories of my feathered friends on facebook and instagram. Besides my chickens, I have three dogs and two cats. Animals can be Personal Heroes too and I love spending time with mine!

My happy place is on the water. There is something so soothing about the wind blowing through your hair while speeding along the water! This is where I feel at one with nature and at peace. 

My passion is to do my part to make the world a better place. I feel that I can do that through helping others see what they have in their lives to be grateful for, which in turn will lead to a greater place of happiness.

I am so very grateful for your presence here. It is my heartfelt wish that you join with us in our quest to co-create a conscious shift towards kindness, love and gratitude.

With love + gratitude,