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You're Never Too Old

You're Never Too Old

I've started watching America's Got Talent with my kids. We don't watch much TV but there is something about snuggling up on the couch together and watching something inspirational, with an added touch of humor! Just the other day my daughter got out her pack of cards and started working on magic tricks. Love how this show is encouraging young ones to be creative and believe in themselves!

One thing I don't expect for them to witness on this show, however, is a strip tease. But let me tell you, even though my kids were a little uncomfortable, it was such a great teaching moment! I love how 90 year old Dorothy does not let her age limit her. And no, it was not her talent that inspired Nick Cannon to hit the Golden Buzzer, it was her zest for life, her message to not give up and that age does not define us.

Way to go Dorothy! You are a Personal Hero for your message that you are never too old to follow your dreams!

And in case you missed it.... enjoy!

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