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Two Opposite Ends Of Compassion

Two Opposite Ends Of Compassion

Recently I experienced two opposite ends of compassion.

One afternoon as I headed to pick up my daughter from school I was stopped waiting for a school bus to unload. My typical self is running life up to the minute and would be frustrated with this delay in my drive but as I am practicing being more patient and present, I decide instead to just "be in the moment." 

Multitasking and just being in the moment is my downfall!  Can you relate?

So instead of picking up my phone to quickly check my email or make a call, I just looked out the window and I am so grateful I did. As I watched the children get off the bus what I witnessed was the bus driver turn to acknowledge every single child that was leaving. She would offer a pat on the arm, a smile and I'm sure kind words as she sent them off to start their day at home. Every. single. child! This hit me as such a small thing but what impact that could have! Simply choosing to use the role you are given to find a way to impact another life.

Literally the next day as I was still on my compassion high, I unfortunately was stuck behind someone that was not quite so full of love. As I approached a roundabout I saw two sandhill cranes crossing over the road. Now, this is a pretty common occurrence where I live. If you are unfamiliar with these birds, they are large magnificent creatures that move at their own slow pace, unperturbed by approaching cars.

I have had to stop for them more than once. However, the driver in front of me decided to pull up within inches of the birds and blare his horn the entire time they were crossing, only to quickly swerve around them as the last one passed his car. Now I understand that he may have been late to an important meeting or maybe was just having a bad day but I really had the feeling of "could he not just spare 15 seconds to witness the beauty of these animals in front of him and offer a little compassion?"

I remembered the bus driver the day before that chose to take a few extra seconds to make a difference. And I wondered what our world would look like if we all made the conscious decision to practice compassion. I know I am not perfect and often feel rushed. However each one of us has a choice.

We can choose to hurry around life and get frustrated when our day is interrupted or we can choose to slow down and find ways we can take a little time out of our day to practice compassion.

I am going to continue to practice being in the moment and spreading love wherever I can.

What about you?

3 Responses


September 19, 2018

Compassion is so important both with with others as well with ourselves. What a beautiful story! Thank you!

Julie Moss
Julie Moss

September 17, 2018

This a great story and something we all need to be reminded of. In this time of what I call the “great divide,” it’s encouraging to hear stories about people who are taking the time to encourage others, to leave kids with a positive ending to their school day. But we have all fallen short of the mark. A good reminder always takes us back to the beginning and gets us ready to start over fresh every day to be a positive influence on everyone we meet!


September 15, 2018

Wow! Beautiful that you were able to be present enough in each instance to recognize these important moments! I will think of that bus driver today as I go about my normal day and find places I can insert a little extra kindness and compassion just because. Thank you for sharing!

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