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Tracy: Visionary, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Designer and Personal Hero

Tracy: Visionary, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Designer and Personal Hero

Tracy Matthews is an absolute creative visionary, inspiring female entrepreneur and mentor to jewelry designers. A jewelry designer herself and female business boss, Tracy brings together years of jewelry industry experience, intuitive leadership and a wholistic approach to her work as the “Chief Visionary Officer” of Flourish & Thrive Academy and her own jewelry business, Tracy Matthews Designs. 

Tracy has been an inspiration to me since the day I joined the Flourish & Thrive community. Her honest and sometimes tough love mentorship and willingness to support and give so much of herself, in such an authentic way, has given me the inspiration to do the same for myself and my business. She has shared her story, her journey and her experience and strength, encouraging me, and countless others, to dare to dream big and step into our greatness. 

Education is something very important to Tracy and she recently created a fundraiser and raised money for World Teacher Aid to build a school in Kenya which is set to be completed in 2018. Giving back is such an integral part of being a “heart-centered entrepreneur”.

Tracy is committed to not only business growth, but personal growth as well. As a former yoga teacher, she brings a combination of mindset and strategy to the world of creative business ownership. Her passion for life, her work and continued growth inspires those of us who walk a similar path to the one she has carved out. 

I’ve heard my own story in Tracy’s words when she shares, as she does so honestly, about her journey in life and business. Her example inspires me to continue to reach for my dreams and never doubt that I can reach them no matter what obstacles may be in my path. I have begun to live my most authentic life ever and have created and grown a business beyond my wildest dreams and now as part of Tracy’s team at Flourish & Thrive academy, I am able to share that message and help others do the same. 

Submitted by: Nicole Gariepy
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