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The Best Is Yet To Come

The Best Is Yet To Come

On this day October 5, 2016 I received a phone call that would forever change my life.

Today marks two years of fighting and beating Cancer!!

I was diagnosed with Invasive ductal carcinoma These two years have come with the hardest tribulations, it came with many dark days and nights. With anxiety. With tears, fears, fights, and everything we can imagine that can take our breath away. It came with countless appts, 25 rounds of chemo, MRI’s, X-rays, blood work, infections and who can forget ALL those 14 surgeries that seem to never end.

Cancer is terrifying. Cancer is scary. Dark. But it does have a silver lining and it’s a pretty thick lining at that. For me personally it came along with unimaginable blessings. These two years have brought me closer to God. Closer to my family. My friends have stood and have proven to be more than friends, they are now my family. My congregation has stood by me every single time I’ve needed them. My neighbors became my friends, always being so kind every chance they get.

I have my own special nurses that take care of me even when they are not on duty and even when they are facing their own dark clouds. I’ve met wonderful woman thru social media that take the time to check up on me and remind me what I’m fighting for everyday. We are all faced with challenges every single day. It doesn’t matter who we are, what status we might have - we all have our “Job” days. There were times that I thought my heart wouldn’t take certain things. That I would crumble because “I had been thru so much”. I saw my grandmother whither on her death bed. I asked her a few days before she passed if she was scared to die. She said that she had given this life all she could have. She had served God with all her heart. Raised her children. Conquered cancer herself. Saw her oldest granddaughter fight cancer in a different way than she had. Was able to hold her four great-grandchildren and had the privilege to bring countless people into the truth. She had a pretty good life after all. Seeing my grandmother pass away was one of the hardest things, besides cancer, that my heart has ached.

I’ve seen sorrow in the faces of many around me. I’ve seen pain in their eyes. But thru all of this I’ve had so much joy as well. We have a beautiful baby girl named Emmi among us. She has brought so much tenderness into my life. One day I hope to be able to tell her just how special she is to me. Ive seen my children blossom into beautiful humans that are not selfish and have grown to love Jehovah and see him real. The way my husband and I see him.

I’ve seen my dearest friends celebrate milestone anniversaries. Actually, I'M CELEBRATING A MILESTONE ANNIVERSARY. 20 YEARS!! Wow. 20 years.

I was able to attend my convention this year ALL three days.

Cancer has helped me appreciate those little moments that we have with the ones we love.

Getting a picture from my babies Mia and Caleb or even a FaceTime from them saying “Lela we love you”. Hearing my youngest sons teacher tell me “you have the sweetest little boy in the entire school”, that is a big one. My boy doesn’t talk to people but he’s thriving so much in school and in the congregation, well let’s just say he’s giving comments that make some of us scratch our heads. The fact that him and his best friend take time to talk about their spiritual goals, well that’s a win win for me. I had the privilege to see my crown be worn by a beautiful young woman that I know felt the same way I did when I wore it on my wedding day, like a Queen.

The best is yet to come..... I’m grateful, thankful, appreciative for all that cancer has taught me.

Submitted by: Kathy Buenaventura



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