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Taking Back Mother's Day by Mothering the Motherless - The Compassion Collective

Taking Back Mother's Day by Mothering the Motherless - The Compassion Collective

Today my heart is so full with love as I join hands with some amazing people.

Glennon Doyle Melton, Marie Forleo, Elizabeth Gilbert, Brene Brown, Cheryl Strayed, Rob Bell, Valarie Kaur and Laverne Cox.

These beautiful people have created The Compassion Collective and they are calling on us to help them take back Mother's Day by mothering the motherless.

Won't you join them and me in opening your heart to help the tens of thousands of refugee children in Europe, and our own children here in America that are living on the streets?

From The Compassion Collective website:

There is a story the world has told you about Mother’s Day. It goes like this: Mother’s Day is about a certain kind of love. A love that is pink and fluffy and soft and can be bought at the store.
We have a truer, more exciting story to tell you. It goes like this:
Mother’s Day IS about Love. But it’s not about commercial, comfortable love that snuggles up and stays home—it’s about love that throws open the door and marches out of our homes, beyond our fences and neighborhoods and into the hurting world to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, comfort the hurting, mother the motherless. Mother’s Day love is dangerous, revolutionary love that unites our one human family and reminds us that we belong to each other and that there is no such thing as other people’s children

So far the Compassion Collective has raised over $1.4 million dollars to aid the refugees in Europe. The forgotten ones. They are continuing to raise money for these refugees and are now also raising money to help the children right here in America, lonely and hurting on our own streets.  As they so compassionately say, "Love is not either/or. Love is AND/BOTH."  We can help children in our own county and in others for Love knows no boundaries.

And the beauty about this project is that it is so accessible to everyone. The maximum contribution you can make is $25 because it is about every person making a small difference. You can make a difference today!

If your heart is leaping out of your chest at the thought of all these innocent children, please head on over and make a small contribution. And please, share this message to everyone you know!

Let's unite in LOVE! Today you and I can join so many other Personal Heroes and make a difference!

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