Setting An Intention For 2018

January 01, 2018

Setting An Intention For 2018

As we finally see the light at the end of the holiday craziness tunnel, we are smacked with the pressure of a new year and setting unrealistic resolutions.

I've been there way too many times! How about you?

Resolving to lose weight, be a better person, practice better self care. All huge goals that are undefined and sure ways to set myself up for self loathing a couple weeks into the new year when the new me is not cooperating.

Several years ago I decided to ditch the resolutions. I sure did not need that added pressure and I believed there was a better way to aim towards healthy change. I decided to instead set an intention.....a word that would guide me through the year. This came at a time when I was a new mama trying to navigate my previous perfectly little controlled world that had now blossomed into a world of unknown surprises and a need for amazing PATIENCE. 

Patience became my word that year.

A little whisper during times when I found myself needing that reminder. I was amazed at how much comfort this simple word provided me. No unrealistic expectations or undue pressure on myself, just a gentle nudge. 

Each year now I plan my intention for the upcoming year. Some years I've held onto the same intention from the previous year (patience stayed around for quite awhile!). I know I will never master any specific intention but I can continue to work on the areas that I feel will help me grow into a better version of myself.

Over time I have formed my own personal mantra from my intentions over the years.


This past year I chose PRESENCE. In a world of multiple distractions and pressures to be doing it all I found myself exhausted. My babies were growing up way too quickly and I was not happy with my (lack of) attention when with them. Running two businesses while also maintaining all the mama and wife duties, there was always multiple thoughts spinning through my head. Spending time with my kids turned into being physically present while my mind wandered about all the other multiple things that needed to be done.

So presence became my focus last year. I made a conscious effort to be present in every moment. Was it easy?

Heck no!

Honestly, presence has been one of my hardest intentions! We do not live in a world that encourages being present. Our society teaches us to do all, right now. This will be an intention I will continue to work on indefinitely but one that is very important to me.

So what is my word for 2018?


Talking about all the pressures we put on ourselves, I realized that I am one of the worst with expecting myself to run at the level of several people all put into one. I manage my husband's business which is realistically a full-time job in itself. Working on Personal Hero this past year has been very challenging. I don't have the time I would like to devote to it and constantly find myself frustrated. I allow myself to get stressed out at the frustration of not being able to get everything done. Personal Hero, however, is my passion and I'm not wiling to let it go. So I decided that this year I need to give myself GRACE. To not beat myself up but to allow myself less than perfection. 

Not only grace for myself but grace for others as well. We are all trying to do too much! I think one of the best gifts we can give to each other is that of grace - to recognize that we are all trying to do our best in this crazy world!

And isn't that exactly what Personal Hero is all about - Honor Yourself | Honor Others. GRACE.

So as I add grace as my intention this year my personal mantra will now be:

Patience, Strength, Peace, Compassion, Presence, Grace.

In every situation I find that at least one of these words will apply. My mantra allows me to pause and think about what is really important to me. What is the best version of myself that I want to continually work towards? 

Grace. May I offer it to myself and others this year.

May this be the word that gently guides me. Nothing unrealistic that I am sure to fail on but a beautiful simple word that will serve as a kind reminder.

. . . . . . . . . .

What is your word for 2018? I'd love for you to share in comments!

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