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Seth: A Legacy Of Law Enforcement

Seth: A Legacy Of Law Enforcement

Seth Brown was born and raised in a law enforcement family. His grandpa, father and aunt are all still active law enforcement members and one of Seth’s initial memories is of giving out sticky note “tickets” to his family at the age of three. When it came time to make his career decision, there was no doubt the direction he would be going. Seth shares his story…

. . . . . . . . . .

My favorite part about my job is using rapid, critical thinking. There is a certain rush of adrenaline when decisions have to be made fast and the outcome effects not only me but the lives of others. I enjoy interacting with people, citizens, coworkers, and fellow law enforcement officers. I recently accepted the responsibility of the K9 Sting and this has enhanced my life personally as well as professionally.

The worst part is witnessing tragedy, accidents, and other making life changing bad decisions. During my first month of employment with the sheriff’s office I responded to the crash of a crop dusting plane in which a pilot died. The accident itself was raw and overwhelming. The actions of the first responders was also overwhelming. The support and comfort that was shown to all there was really mind blowing.

Seth's Personal Hero: 

My dad and grandpa are my personal heroes. They have made a huge difference in my life as far as my law enforcement career. Their example, their stories, and their advice have given me a phenomenal foundation and goals to work towards. I am very grateful for friends and family who have supported me in all my endeavors so far. I hope that I always serve with integrity and don’t take myself too seriously.

. . . . . . . . . .

Thank you for sharing your story Seth! You and your beautiful furry companion are heroes!

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