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Proud of my Coastie

Proud of my Coastie

As a CG mom you learn pretty quickly that the Coast Guard is usually forgotten when the military is honored. I remember the excitement turning into disappointed when shopping for CG items during boot camp. If you ask a Coastie how it feels they usually shrug and say that they don't need to be appreciated to do their job. 

My son has been serving for almost four years and he has traveled all over the world. I think people are surprised to hear that Coasties are serving all over, including the Middle East. When Dillon climbed Mt Fuji in Japan it was one of the few times we could text to each other during that deployment. It was so exciting for us because we live in a small town and never imagined that he would one day travel across the world. 

I'm proud to be a Coastie Mom and proud of my son's decision to serve his country and be Semper Paratas.

Submitted by: Stacey Campbell
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Celebrating National Coastguard Day on 8/4/17. Let's send them some love and thank them for their service!

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