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Personal Hero - Robyn Rosenberger

Personal Hero - Robyn Rosenberger

Robyn is the amazing woman behind Tiny SuperHeroes! What started off as a hobby turned into a mission to empower children as they battle illness or disability. The little lives that Robyn has touched through her beautiful capes is heartwarming!

This little hobby of Robyn's soon turned into a global mission when within the first year she sent 4000 capes to children in 50 states and 16 countries. Robyn states "children with cancer, congenital heart defects, Epilepsy, undiagnosed syndromes, rare diseases, Autism, and all sorts of other Tiny SuperHero powers have revealed their true identities through their capes." 

What a gift Robyn is giving to these children as she empowers them to find their super powers and fight their illnesses head on! You can find Tiny SuperHeroes at

photo credit IG @jessicasantophotography

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