Personal Hero on a bike

Personal Hero on a bike

This Personal Hero, Stephen Steck, was found right in my back yard. His story is so motivating and inspirational...a true testament that the only limits we have are those that we put upon ourselves. A great example of living life to the fullest!

His story....

On my bicycle this morning, before sunrise, I accomplished a long-sought 15 month goal -- I broke by one day my previous record of riding my bike 462 consecutive days! Today, on this 463rd day, I have ridden 8,311.33 miles or an average of 17.95 miles each day rain or shine any where in the world I awoke. My minimum daily goal is a 30-minute ride, yet the average daily time on my bike is about 1 hour and 15-minutes. At age 72, I'm not fast (about 11 to 13mph) but I am persistent. Each of my previous streaks of 283 and 462 days were halted by medical conditions unrelated to my cycling.

Streaking is fun and highly motivating. It comes with terrific health advantages. Yet it has subtle and nuanced elements of time for introspection, stress and completion anxiety...which makes the daily ride all the more satisfying. And it's very spiritual, too -- rural, urban or suburban my environment puts me right at God's front porch every day. For that, I'm thankful.

Yes, I'm fully intending to continue my streaking. Look for me on the road, won’t you?