Personal Hero - Melissa Camilleri

December 16, 2016

Personal Hero - Melissa Camilleri

Melissa is an amazing woman with a huge desire to help women achieve their dreams. In 2011 Melissa left her career as a teacher to pursue her passion of creating a business that revolved around the power of words. Compliment was born and a truly unique gift line centered around using words to lift people up was the highlight.


Personal Hero Melissa Camilleri

photo credit Melissa Camilleri

Over these last 5 years Melissa has grown a thriving business and has touched many lives. Due to her strong belief in education, Melissa started the Compliment Scholarship Program. Through this program 5% of every sale is set aside to benefit at-risk girls with the gift of education, helping them break out of the cycle of poverty. Many of these women are the first in their family to be able to go to college. Just recently Melissa awarded two girls with $1500.00 each towards their college expenses. Not only is this an investment in their future but it is a strong message to these women that someone believes in them. Someone believes they can succeed and wants to help be a part of their amazing journey.

I particularly love the message that is on Compliment's website:

We believe all dreams are valid. And so in every piece of jewelry we make and send from our workshop in Sacramento, in every heartfelt, personalized compliment we stamp out, or we gift wrap, we are operating for a larger cause.

Melissa is making a huge difference in our world. She is making beautiful jewelry with words of encouragement and inspiration which impacts the lives of each person that is lucky enough to receive one of her pieces of art. She is also giving back to the community, encouraging women to pursue their goals and truly finding a way through her business that she can make an impact.

I am truly honored to know Melissa and to feature her as a Personal Hero. Please take the time to connect with her on her Instagram feed or over at her website. You will find a lot of inspiration, love and some pretty amazing gift ideas!