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Personal Hero - Kristi Robbins

Personal Hero - Kristi Robbins

Kristi shares her passion and talent for yoga with a non-profit organization called Yoga 4 Change. As Kristi describes, "Yoga 4 Change is a non-profit that brings the gift of free yoga to the underserved populations in my community. We bring yoga to incarcerated individuals, those who suffer from addiction and substance abuse, at risk youth and our veterans (many who suffer from PTSD as well as physical wounds from being in combat), as a means to help them work through their trauma that they have experienced and not dealt with. Yoga helps decrease anxiety, stress, depression, and can rewire the brain to improve one's outlook on life. I teach yoga and mentor at risk teens and have been working with the girls at Youth Crisis Center, a residential shelter that I stayed at 13 times when I was a runaway teenager."

Kristi is a definite Personal Hero in being able to use her life journey and all that she has learned to help other youth that are in a similar situation as what she previously was. Though yoga she is helping these girls to learn a sense of control, self-love and appreciation for the people that show a genuine interest in their well being.  









Kristi shares that her own Personal Hero is Karen Sparacio, founder of Project Have Hope. Kristi expains, "After arriving in civil war ravaged Northern Uganda, Africa on a photography assignment, she created a non profit that helps rebuild the lives of the women and children of the Acholi Quarter. I have never before been involved with a foundation that was so rewarding. Because I sponsor a child and send regular packages for her and her family, I also receive letters, drawings, photos, etc of her and from her. The most amazing gift I received from the foundation was a short video of my sponsee, opening the gifts I sent for her and her reaction as a fellow villager read my letter to her. This was worth 10 times more than the amount of support I have given. Again, my heart melted into tears and wished I was able to help out more."

Two beautiful Personal Heroes that are making a difference in our world!


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