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Personal Hero - Khloe Thompson

Personal Hero - Khloe Thompson

Sweet Khloe Thompson is a fierce little 9 year old with a mission to help the homeless community. Her motivation to find a way to help started when she observed some homeless people on her way to school. Khloe questioned her mom as to why these people were on the streets and when she started to understand the devastation of homelessness, she was determined to do something to help!

Who said a child can't change the world?? Khloe sure is!

Don't let your age stop you from what you do


Khloe turned her sadness for fellow souls into motivation to act and started Khloe Kares. Through her charity she puts together Kare Bags to gift to homeless women. Each bag contains enough personal items to last about 2 months and comes in a beautifully styled bag. Not only is Khloe helping these women with their basic necessities but she is also nourishing their soul. Her gift tells these women that they are important, and the beautiful bag serves as their reminder that even during times of difficulty you deserve to feel like a woman. 

Personal Hero Helping The Homeless - Khloe Thompson

Khloe manages to organize getting donations for her bags, putting together the bags and distributing them. Her mission is to inspire other children to be the change in their community. Next time you wonder if one person can make a difference, remember little Khloe and the impact she is having on so many lives.

Khloe's Personal Hero:

When asked who Khloe's Personal Hero is she said:

"Anne Douglas on Skid Row. I've been there plenty of times so I know a lot of the ladies there. And one lady told me "you make me feel like a human being." That made me feel so thankful that I was there to hand out Kare bags. The ladies that live there are all in rehab programs and homeless."

You may not be able to change the world but if you can help just one person, you have made a difference!

Thank you Khloe for your compassion and your work. You are a beautiful Personal Hero. You can find Khloe on Instagram here.  Make sure to head on over there and show her some love + gratitude!


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