Personal Hero - Joshua Coburn

Personal Hero - Joshua Coburn

What I love about Joshua is that he defies the norm. He challenges the stereotype of how you should look, or how you should behave in order to make a difference to others.

When I first came across Joshua's Instagram feed I was instantly intrigued. Here was this heavily tatooed and pierced individual speaking words of encouragement, inspiration, love and kindness. I immediately wanted to know more about him.

He doesn't fit the mold of what society tells us an inspirational person looks like. And that is exactly why I love him!

Joshua will often post little inspirational messages on his Instagram page

I believe it is all the tats and piercings that make him so inspiring! He speaks to the person who feels like they don't fit in. To the person who wonders, 'how can that person possibly understand what I am going through'. Joshua doesn't try to hide who he is. He openly expresses that it is okay to be your own unique person. That is what is so beautiful about you! And because of this, Joshua has the ability to connect with people on their level.

I recently had the privilege of getting to know Joshua a little more. When I asked him to tell me a little about what brought him to the place he is at now in his life, he responded:

When I was struggling I realized I could end my life or change it. I knew what bottom looked like so I thought I'd take a chance and do what those in my small town said was impossible...reach my dreams. Through kindness, determination, and an unyielding belief in myself I set out to simply help others realize their value and empower themselves to change their lives as I have done. I wanted people to understand that when they felt alone in the world at least they had me to remind them of their strength in those moments of despair. If I could reach those lows I knew others could too. This is where my quote "If you don't belong make others feel as if they belong with you." comes from. When you feel alone, left out, odd, or different, its ok...there's more black sheep out there, sometimes ya just gotta become the shepard and herd together the flock!

Over the last 8 years Joshua has been positively impacting the lives of many teens and adults. He is a motivational speaker, mentor and author whose sole motivation is to connect with others and help them see their true worth and potential. Joshua authored Inspiration on Demand which is a wealth of quotes and tools to help others make changes to live a simple and successful life. 

When I asked Joshua who his Personal Hero was he explains how two important people have touched his life:

Oddly, my heroes were an old lady and a musician. My grandmother lived a life of service to others. Gave hugs to EVERYONE she saw in public her whole life, and showed me what it means to lead by example while contributing to the lives of those around us. The other was Nikki Sixx. Nikki showed me that it was possible to be both vulnerable and strong at the same time while wearing your story on your skin. That standing out in the world was not wrong but brave...these two shaped my young life and made me who I am today!

I am so very grateful to have connected with Joshua. He is making such a difference in the lives of others! He is a Personal Hero teaching others how to become their own Personal Hero. Such a beautiful soul!

Do yourself a favor and go check him out! You can find him on Instagram, Facebook or his website. Keep changing the world Joshua! We love you!!