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Never Stop Fighting

Never Stop Fighting

My son, Bryant Markham, is one of my heroes. At 18 he fought and beat Hodgkins Lymphoma. He showed me what a positive attitude can do, he showed me a brave fight, he showed me how to live with cancer and beat it. When his younger brother Kevin O' Finnagan Markham was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 3 years later, he was there. Then, 12 years later, I found myself fighting my own battle with breast cancer. It was not an easy fight at times, it almost killed me, but like him, I would not stop fighting. My two girls, Brittany Markham Crandall and Kayla Eddy have helped us all through our battles. All 4 of my kids are heroes. Family was key to all of our success.

Submitted by: Marjorie Markham

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