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My Marine, My Husband, My Hero

My Marine, My Husband, My Hero

Brent and I met in 2015 amidst the toughest part of his career - he was a Marine Corps Drill Instructor. From the very beginning, I recognized and admired the dedication he had to his job and his country. While I’ve only been fortunate enough to know him for almost 4 out of the 11 years he’s been serving, every day I find that I appreciate his work ethic, intelligence, and unwavering commitment to his job more and more. As we welcome our first child in a couple of months, I know that this dedication and commitment will carry over into his family life and new role as a father.

I am Brent’s biggest fan and he is my greatest supporter, and he never fails to make me feel safe, comfortable, and loved. I hope that our son learns from his dad and understands not only the importance of hard work, but also of God, family, and steadfast love.

He is the best provider, protector, and husband I could have ever asked for, and that is why he is my personal hero.

Shared by: Rachael C.


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