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Morgan: Cancer Taught Me What is Truly Important

Morgan: Cancer Taught Me What is Truly Important

In our twenties our life is often one of new discoveries and excitement. A time when the world is before us and we feel invincible. Morgan Newman, however, experienced a different path. At the age of 24, on World Cancer Day, Morgan was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  I am most impressed with Morgan's attitude during this journey. It is always my hope that through life's struggles we are able to learn something that helps us be a better person. Morgan share's her story of how she did just that...

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I went in for a well woman exam in 2014 which luckily came with a pap test.  Unfortunately, the result came back abnormal for the first time in my life.  I had been getting pap tests done since I was 14 (this was before they changed the rules).  After a follow up colposcopy I was referred to a gynecologic oncologist where I was diagnosed for the first time with cervical cancer.  It was February 4, 2015 (World Cancer Day) at the age of 24.  My first round of treatment included a low dose chemotherapy and Monday thru Friday external radiation treatments for six weeks.  

I was diagnosed again on February 19, 2016 with metastatic disease (from the cervical cancer cells) in my lungs.  I received a much stronger chemotherapy and no radiation.  This time I would lose my hair where I hadn't the first time around.  Hiding my illness was not going to happen.  I actually consider my cancerversary as the moment I received my NED news (after just three treatments) on 6/10/16.  I did have to finish three more treatments to make sure no cancer cell was left behind. 

I will admit fully that before my diagnosis, I was depressed, low self-esteem, extremely anxious, and a pessimistic person.  Cancer taught me what was truly important in life and it has shown me that I am worth so much more.  Treatments were never easy and there were several times I wanted to give up but I didn't. 

Life is so precious and we get so busy and ignore the things that are most important to us.  My advice is to embrace every second of your life.  It will show you so many beautiful things if you allow it to. 

A favorite memory of mine is the adoption of the cardinal as my totem animal.  Shortly after this happened, I saw things like Cardinal Health medical equipment, something happened with a painting from a young girl which happened to be a cardinal, and I started seeing them everywhere! I still do to this day.  They are my comfort knowing that everything will be okay, no matter what.  (I started using a #crazycardinallady because no one else has taken it). 

My parents, Mitch and Kendra are my personal heroes for everything they did for me during treatment. Another hero of mine is Tamika Felder, Founder of the Cervivor organization. Without her organization I would not have the slightest clue how to make a difference. Because of her organization and Cervivor School, I was able to network with several women who are just like me, a cervivor.  Advocacy is what I thrive for and I've been given so many opportunities already because of Tamika and the women of Cervivor.
You can find Morgan blogging about her journey with Cervical Cancer at
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