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Successful Entrepreneurs Making A Difference

Successful Entrepreneurs Making A Difference

To be blessed with the ability, drive and determination to create a successful businesses is commendable. However, what one chooses to do with the riches that accompany their success is what really matters. There have been many successful entrepreneurs that have used their resources to make a difference from contributing to charitable causes to creating foundations to support their bigger passion of giving back.


Roxanne Quimby

Roxanne Quimby is the Founder of Burt's Bees. With the success of her business she founded Quimby Family Foundation in which she promotes preservation of natural resources. She has purchased thousands of acres of land across the U.S. in order to protect it. In 2015, she donated $75 million dollars worth of her holdings to the National Park Service and over $6 million to other causes. She became the 32nd biggest giver in America. One truly fascinating fact about her is that she lived off the grid for 15 years and married a bee keeper. She started her successful business with the simple beginning of selling honey on the side of the road and making products out of leftover beeswax.





John and Laura Arnold 

John Arnold is a former Hedge Fund Manager. Together with his wife, Laura, they started the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. In 2016 they gave away $277 million through their foundation which targets improving K-12 education and expanding high performing charter schools. They also focus on giving grants to improve public safety.

















Dustin Moskovitz and Cari Tuna

Dustin Moskovitz is the Co-Founder of Facebook. In 2012 Dustin and his wife, Cari Tuna launched the philanthropic organization, Good Ventures Foundation. Through this foundation they have contributed $10 million to Give Directly, which gives funds to extremely poor households in Kenya and Uganda. They have also donated $23 million to the Against Malaria Foundation and $11 million to Deworm the World Initiative.




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