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Lessons learned from breast cancer warriors

Lessons learned from breast cancer warriors

You know that feeling when everything seems to be going okay and then all of a sudden you hit a big bump in the road? When all the little things you took for granted in your everyday life now seem to be so important?

One common sentiment I have been seeing in the breast cancer story submittals this month is how quickly life can change in the blink of an eye. How these amazing, brave women no longer take for granted the packing of lunch bags in the morning, getting stuck in traffic during the commute to work, or a busy schedule shuffling kids around to their various activities.

All these "chores" were no longer something to bemoan, but were instead something to be GRATEFUL for. 

When a horrible disease forces you to be all too conscious of your own mortality, all the little things that seemed to matter no longer do, and the people and moments that used to pass you buy, are now times that you long for and savor.

I feel so honored to have these amazing women share their stories with me for it helps me get a glimpse into how I should be living my life. {read some of these stories now}

What if we could learn the lessons from having a life threatening disease without having to go through such a difficult journey?

What if we could live consciously in every single moment and savor what is truly important in our lives? Instead of going through the motions and monotony of every day we would instead prioritize our day around what truly brings us peace, happiness and contentment. To see gratitude in all the little things throughout our day.

This thought is what I have really been reflecting on as I read one heartwarming story after another. I am inspired by these beautiful, brave and vibrant women and the message they are shouting to me through sharing their story is:


Don't wait to be faced with a life threatening illness before you truly start living!

I invite you to read through some of the stories from these women. They are fighting this battle for every single one of us. For even though they are the ones battling breast cancer, they are begging us to understand how life is such a precious gift.

Don't wait for you life to be truly shaken up to start living.

I would love to hear your thoughts in comments!

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