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Personal Hero - Tia

Personal Hero - Tia

Tia is not your average ten year old. While other girls her age are playing with friends, jumping rope or chasing the dog around the yard, Tia is on a scavenger hunt looking for unwanted bikes. Bikes that were once loved and rode by a child but have since been discarded, most likely for a new and improved version.

Tia's mum (they are from Australia so I will keep their proper context) recalls last Christmas holiday when Tia noticed a bunch of bikes near the dumpster. Tia immediately thought of how those bikes could be such a blessing to children that did not have one. A seed was planted and Tia became determined to find a way to collect discarded bikes and rehome them with a new loving child.

Soon Tia was working with local charities to help match a rescued bike with a new home. "There is sometimes a lot of work that needs to be done to get them in good working order" Tia's mum says, "but Tia cleans them, oils, changes bells, puts new brake cables on, puts baskets on, and takes pride in getting them ready to donate to a child." 

"It's like seeing a miracle", says Tia when describing the feeling of seeing a child receive their new bike.

As the need for bikes continues to grow, Tia is learning many lessons along the way. She is learning that bikes aren't necessarily always for fun. Some people in crisis care get very attached to their bikes as they see it as a source of freedom and joy. There are other children that rely on a bike to be able to travel from remote areas to school.

Oh, and when Tia isn't fixing up bikes, you can find her spending her pocket money to brighten up someones day. Recently she delivered flowers to a ladies refuge. There she found a lady celebrating her 93rd birthday and Tia states, "I'm glad I was there to give her flowers, she loved them."

Tia is a little Personal Hero with a big heart! I'm confident that she will continue to touch the lives of many through her kindness and compassion. Along the way she will be an inspiration to children, showing them that age doesn't matter when it comes to spreading kindness.

My hope is that through her kindness she will plant seeds in other children to show them that they have a power to make a difference towards creating a kinder world.

Make sure to head over to Instagram @telltiaforcharity or Facebook at telltiaforcharity to show Tia some love and let her know what an inspiration she is!

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