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Forever Grateful For My Parents

Forever Grateful For My Parents

We moved across the world to be closer to these two ... we would not still be in Napa if it wasn't for them. Not that Sydney, Australia is a bad place to live - there's actually a lot about living in AU that I like a lot more than the US...but that is a whole other post.

My parents mean everything to me...if you know me at all you know that our family is close and we do a lot together. My parents put us first always and I can't begin to put into words the gratitude and love I have for them.

Not only are they the most loving and generous, they are so much fun! Seriously....and my parents house (aka club Borreson) is party central and always has been! 

They know how to have a good time and some of my best- most fun memories are always with my parents and siblings!

I am forever grateful for my family and could never repay them for all they have given me- and continue to give me.

Thank you Mom and Dad!

Submitted by: Jeni Schluter

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