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Everyone Should Have An Aimee

Everyone Should Have An Aimee

It's rare to find a friend who turns out to be more than just a friend but rather one of your greatest blessings in life. Aimee and I have been friends for 12+ years we met in Jr High, the most awkward time of life and at the beginning we did not like each other. Here we were, these two little twins who refused to be friends. I thought she was weird, she thought I was a brat and that was that. One year, our school had an incentive and if you met the requirements you were allowed to go on a trip to LAGOON!! It was there that our relationship bloomed. We ended up sitting by each other on the bus and were inseparable the rest of the trip. I had never laughed so hard in my life!!!! 

Aim and I are a match made in heaven just a blonde and brunette version of each other with a few differences. We are the exact same size, the exact same weight, same clothes same shoes, same sense of humor, however she is full on left brain and I am right brain. We were best friends through high school, played on the same soccer team and were known as "Teeny and Tiny" we were the same person and best friends. Four years passed and we graduated high school, we both got accepted into the same university so off we went, off to college as best friends soon to be roommates. 
We were roommates for 6 years. At this point we became more like sisters than friends, having been practically adopted into each others families. We helped each other finish college, got pets together, lived in 7 different apartments, went on countless adventures, road trips, we lived our lives!!! We found our husbands and stood by each other as maid of honor at our weddings. Everyone should have an Aimee, she is the best thing that ever happened to my life, I could never see myself without her. I am certain in the fact that we will remain friends forever, and  have kids that are also best friends, just like their mothers." 

Submitted by: Shaelie Knutson
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