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My Cousins. My Family. My Friends.

My Cousins. My Family. My Friends.

My family history, like many others, is full of both great memories and hardships. We have our family drama, and some members of the older generation are not so easily forgiving. It has been my mission, therefore to make sure that I keep my generation together. 

As children all of us cousins were fairly close, but as we grew up we lost touch (as is normal). Then about 6 years ago I decided to start the tradition of celebrating each of our birthdays. It wasn't anything fancy, but it was a way to get us all in a room together for a positive occasion. One birthday turned into two, and nowadays we celebrate each of ours plus a cousin's Christmas every year. It's definitely not easy to get everyone's schedules aligned, but these people are worth it. 

My cousins have become a really important support system for me. We definitely all have our own personalities, but we all make an effort to be apart of each other's lives and really support each other ... We have fun together not because we all like the same things, but because we really enjoy the company. 

A lot of people have a separation between friends and family ... I'm fortunate to have both in the same people. 

In short: like all other families, we have our ups and downs, but in the end we're always there for each other and that's worth more than anything else.

Submitted by: Garen Aliksanian
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