Compassion on the Side of the Road

August 07, 2016

Compassion on the Side of the Road

State Trooper Luke Bonin didn't expect to get national attention when he stopped at the side of the road to show compassion and kindness. Recently the picture of Bonin sharing a meal with a homeless lady has gone viral on Facebook and he is getting the praise he deserves. 

While the young mother of four thought she might be in some trouble when she saw the police car pull up on the side of the road, she was amazed when she saw Bonin approach her with a meal.  And it was not just food he was offering her, he was sharing his presence and compassion.  Bonin sat down with her and together they ate and enjoyed each others presence.

A true act of humanity to let someone else know "I see you" and "I feel for you."  I'm sure this young mother, while currently at a difficult time in her life, was encouraged by this troopers beautiful act of kindness.

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