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Celebrating My 5 Year Cancerversary

Celebrating My 5 Year Cancerversary

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September, 2009.

I had gone through my annual mammogram and been told that I needed to go back the next day for more extensive testing; something wasn't quite right. I was so scared and the next couple of days were a blur.

I received a call from the surgeon the following week confirming my worst possible fear.


My immediate thought was that I was going to die; I told the doctor that he would have to talk to my husband. I just couldn't comprehend anything. My oldest son was stationed in Iraq at the time and my younger son was still in high school. I kept telling myself that I couldn't die, I just couldn't.

I went through a lumpectomy before the end of the month. I was very blessed that the cancer had not spread and I went through 27 treatments of daily radiation. My work family and my personal family were there for me every step of the way. My faith and many prayers that were sent my way were truly uplifting!

I try to encourage every woman I run into to have a yearly mammogram. I even tell men to remind the ladies in their lives as well. That's how my cancer was detected. I always remember one of the wonderful nurses talking to me during my treatments. She told me, "One of these days, you'll look back at this time as just a bump in the road." I never thought that day would come, but I live by those words every day!

Celebrating my 5-year cancerversary!

Submitted by: Lupe Montez

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