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Aunt Sam & Uncle Chris

Aunt Sam & Uncle Chris

Family is my number one gift in my life. Meet my Aunt Sam she's the life of the party, always smiling and there to lend a hand whenever she can. We can spend hours just sharing stories and won't get bored of chatting. Then there's my uncle Chris rockstar extraordinaire. He's been playing bass since a kid and has never given up on his dream. How cool is it to say that your uncle is in a KISS tribute band and dresses up as Gene Simmons! Don't know many uncles that are still rocking. I admire his passion and drive. Growing up I was shy around my uncle but now as an adult we can spend hours just talking about our love for music. Aunt Sam and a Uncle Chris, thank you for showing me that love does last. Thank you for loving each other. 

Submitted by: Sarah Melody

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Do you have any Aunts or Uncles that mean the world to you? I'd love to hear in comments!

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