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Personal Hero - Mary Provost: Thomas Good Turn

Personal Hero - Mary Provost: Thomas Good Turn

Today I am celebrating Mary as a Personal Hero. She is the heart and soul behind @thomasgoodturn on Instagram. Thomas Good Turn is an outreach that assists the homeless with care and feeding of their pets. I connected with Mary on Instagram and have been so inspired by her posts. For many homeless with pets, these are their family and their companionship. Finding a meal for themselves can often be a challenge, and with their furry friend in tow, it can be an even more complicated process. 

Mary is an advocate for them and is out there on the streets loving on them, helping them....and feeding them. For the homeless that she comes into contact with, Mary is their little guardian angel. She helps take care of the most important thing in their life. Their beloved pet. At a time when one may have nothing, their pet is everything. 

Mary expresses that the relationships she builds with the dogs and owners is so very precious to her. The human connection with smiles and hugs are priceless. She is touched that they allow her into their "home" and trust her to be in their corner and an advocate for them. 

Thank you Mary for the work you are doing. You are making a difference and the world is a better place because of you!

Go visit Mary over at @thomasgoodturn and show her some love + gratitude. If you are interested in helping, Mary can always use funds to help feed the animals, pay for pet bills, provide collars for the dogs and of course throw in some chew toys and treats.


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