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A Fierce Warrior and Fighter Against Cancer

A Fierce Warrior and Fighter Against Cancer

Therese is my grand-daughter-in-law. She may be related by marriage but I couldn't care any more for her if she was my very own. Therese is a recent breast cancer survivor who is the strongest, most intrepid person I have ever known. She is beautiful both inside and out and even when she lost all her hair she remained a bright shining star with a beautiful smile for all. God was good and allowed Therese to return to her husband and 3 children as a once-again dynamic person that she always was and still is to this day. A very strong, fierce warrior who is now a hero & fighter against cancer! I couldn't be there for Therese as she is in California and I am in New Jersey but she was constantly at the top of my prayer list every day and God did answer my prayers.

Submitted by: Joan Hartsell Shaw


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