Offering Healing to the world

Offering Healing to the world

Healing can take many forms. You can be the one giving healing or the one receiving it. Either way, healing is a gift that most of us will give or receive in some form many times throughout our life.

When you are able to offer your hands, heart or mind as an avenue for healing, you have the opportunity to create a significant difference in the life of another person. To know that there is another soul that cares so deeply about you as to be touched by your journey and want to offer help, is a truly beautiful gift. If you ever find yourself in a position to help another heal in some form, consider yourself blessed! 

Wondering how you can offer your gift of compassion as a form of healing to the world? Here are five ways:

A career in healing: Those that choose to pursue a career in helping others are compassionate heroes that truly have a passion to make a difference in the lives of many. There are so many types of careers that offer this opportunity on a daily basis and one is that of a Pediatric Occupational Therapist such as Libby Zimmerman. Read her story of how she is helping children to master daily living skills to enhance their life and that of the ones that love them.

Care for a loved one: An ultimate act of compassion is seeing the need within your own family and devoting your time and energy to helping. This could be on a limited basis such as helping a family member that is sick or on a more long term basis such as becoming a caregiver for a loved one with a chronic illness. Sarah Bell is the caretaker for her Nana who has Alzheimers, a sad and devastating illness. She shares her story of the emotional impact of her journey but also how very rewarding it is to be able to be there for the person that needs her the most.

Be there for a friend: Often, the best healing you can provide is to just be there. Offer a shoulder to lean on or your your presence to sit and listen. Whether someone you know is going through an emotional or physical struggle, sometimes the best healing we can receive is to know that we have someone in our corner that is walking beside us in our journey. Sometimes knowing the best way to show your support can be difficult and we have some gifts that could help. The Warrior Gratitude bracelet offers a physical symbol of strength and a message of healing and support. We also have a variety of intention candles which provide messages of healing, hope and support; including Brighten, Courage, Heal, and Hope.

Focus on healing thoughts: Maybe there is not a specific person in your life that you can offer healing to right now, but one thing is for sure.....the world is always in need of healing energy! One way I like to do this is with positive affirmations and I especially like these Affirmations For Healing Of The Planet.

Volunteer: There are so many opportunities out there to offer your healing hands and heart in a way that works with your schedule. 

  • have a heart for children? Offer your warmness to newborn babies in the NICU or knit some caps to provide them with physical comfort
  • love pets? Volunteer at a local shelter and use your arms to comfort and offer hope.
  • passionate about our planet? Use your voice and advocate for the matters that touch you heart. 
  • love people? Reach out to a nursing home and just sit and be with some of the residents. 

We all (well I think the majority of us) have the desire to help and there are so many ways we can do that in the form of offering healing. 

I would love to hear from you in comments. What are your thoughts on offering healing to others? Any ways you are currently doing this or have you been motivated to find a way to help?