Gratitude, The Path to Happiness

Gratitude, The Path to Happiness

Happiness.....don't we all want to have more of it in our lives? We strive to do things and get things that we believe will make us happy. Happiness feeds our soul. Although there is no magical way to become happier, the practice of gratitude will definitely put you on the path to allowing more joy and abundance into your life.

You see, when we focus on the things we have instead of what we are lacking, we train our brain and heart to be grateful and content. Yes, it is not always easy. During difficult times it is hard to count our blessings. But these are the times that it is most important to try hard to focus on the good in our life. By consciously reflecting on the little things we have to be grateful for we allow ourselves to journey towards the path of happiness.

Start today. You may only have 2 things you can think you have a roof over your head? was your body nourished today? do you have shoes to wear? was your body strong enough to get you out of bed and carry you through the day? Start with as many of the small things that you can think of and keep going every day. Before you know it your list will be growing and your happiness will be abundant.

Food Matters shares 6 tips for starting a gratitude practice:

  1. Keep a gratitude journal. This can be as simple as a couple sheets of paper. You can also treat yourself to a beautiful journal to keep your gratitude writing sacred and special.
  2. Make time to spend with people that truly matter the most. Sometimes in our busy lives we forget to make time for the people that are really important to us. These are your Personal Heroes, the ones that make a difference in your life. Make time to spend with them and make sure they know how much you appreciate them.
  3. A gratitude session. Take some time each day to thank the people in your life that are in your corner. You can do this by simply taking a couple minutes each day to silently reflect on these people and send them love and thanks in your thoughts. You can reach out to them in some way to let them know you are grateful for them - send a text, email, social media message, or share a gratitude message on our website. 
  4. Be courteous to others. Practice random acts of kindness. See how many small things you can do each day whether it is smiling at as many people that you can, complimenting others, or going out of your way to perform an act of kindness.
  5. Savor the small things. Slow down and be present. Take note of the little things that come across your path each day and take time to appreciate them.
  6. View your blessings as just that, blessings! Be thankful for everything you have. We are not guaranteed anything in this life. Each day is a gift. Change the way you look at your life and your world will change.