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The Most Selfless Woman I Know

The Most Selfless Woman I Know

My mom is the most selfless woman I've ever met.

She goes out of her way to put others' needs before her own and strives to make everyone feel special, important, and loved. Even while battling breast cancer and undergoing surgeries and chemotherapy treatments, she put the needs of her four young children and husband before her own and never failed to make us feel significant.

Her genuine heart and passion for improving the lives of others is inspirational to all who know her. She shows unconditional love for, and touches the lives of, each and every student she works with. Her unique laugh will turn your bad day around and make you smile from from the bottom of your heart.

My mom is the definition of a warrior - she faces difficult times with a brave heart and let's her loving spirit guide her through challenges.

My mom has inspired me to pursue a career as a nurse and I hope to show as much love and support to my future patients as she shows to everyone she knows. Mom, you are a hero to all of us and we love you more than anything!

Submitted by: Courtney Layton




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Natalie DeWeese
Natalie DeWeese

October 25, 2018

Your Momma is the BEST!!! I ditto everything you said Court! Love you both bunches and bunches!! 💕

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