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Breast Cancer Doesn't Dull My Hero's Heart

Breast Cancer Doesn't Dull My Hero's Heart

One of my personal heroes is Myra Camino.

We worked at Big Brothers, Big Sisters together back in 2010. She works at a different branch now but her story is amazing. She’s been a Big Sister much longer that I. She’s also worked for other non profits, but what makes Myra so amazing is her light.

She is so wonderful, kind, generous, and positive. She’s a mom of 2 plus a fur baby. She is currently battling breast cancer that prompted a blog, “Green Chemo Ninjas”, to share her journey. This girl, OMG, she cheers up the other people at the hospital. Every time I read a post I’m reminded of what an amazing human being she is.

She’s a hero to many. Her strength and resilience paired with her smile and optimism make her truly like no one I’ve ever met. She’s amazing. 

Submitted by: Verna Christina

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