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My beautiful daughter, Shelby

My beautiful daughter, Shelby

My beautiful daughter Shelby Pope was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer.

We were all devastated but Shelby's strength and faith has been a light in all of our life's. She knew from that day forward that she believed that God was in total control. She told me many times "Mom it's going to be ok God has a plan and I am ready no matter what his plan is. Whether he cures this horrible disease or whether he takes me home I am ready."

She told me that she wasn't through raising her two beautiful girls Kylie (16) and Tori (20). Shelby has been a single mom for the past 12 years and has raised them in a Christian home and has done an awesome job.

On Shelby's first day of Chemo she prayed and touched the heart of patients that were going through the same thing. Her smile, her Faith and her belief that God will never give her more than she can handle.

I love you Shelby and I will be with you every step you take. Your smile and faith is contagious and you will spread it to many. 

submitted by: Brenda Jackson

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