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Jaymee: A Breast Cancer Victor Who Always Chooses to Win

Jaymee: A Breast Cancer Victor Who Always Chooses to Win

During a self-examination in October of 2016, Jaymee felt a lump in her breast and immediately went to a clinic to have it checked.  There she learned that she had early-stage breast cancer and would need to undergo treatment.  Since her family lives in the Philippines and she lives in San Diego, she began her fight with her best friends by her side.

Jaymee underwent 10 rounds of chemotherapy, lumpectomy surgery and 30 rounds of radiation.  She will continue with hormonal therapy this November. The course of her treatment went well except for a lung infection brought about by chemotherapy at one point.  She has been in remission since June 28 and says she is very grateful for her second lease on life.

One of the moments during her breast cancer journey that made her realize that dreams do come true was when she went to attend a taping of the ELLEN show with friends.  During the show, she was selected to play Head's Up.  Meeting Ellen DeGeneres had always been on her bucket list, so she was delighted to have the chance to meet her.  You can see her debut here.

In terms of how her outlook on life has changed since her diagnosis.

I've learned to no longer sweat the small stuff and to choose your battles wisely. I also count and acknowledge my blessings constantly now no matter how small they are. I've also learned how to say NO diplomatically to things/situations that no longer serve my growth or purpose. I never doubt my intuition anymore and believe in myself more. I became active, and I take very good care of yourself a lot more now. Most importantly, I hold on to my faith and keep believing that my best is yet to come. This experience definitely gave birth to a new, mature me.

Jaymee's advice to those who have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer is to: "Breathe.  Take it one day at a time.  Find happiness in simple things. Be very vocal with your needs. Love and take care of yourself much much more. Feel what you need to feel. Eat healthy. Move around when you can. Stay mentally productive even in little ways. Share your thoughts, feelings, and story to people you feel comfortable with. Nurture your relationships. Keep the hope alive in your heart."

Her advice to those with loved ones who have been diagnosed is to: "Love them much much more. Be a good listener. Share positive stories to them to uplift their spirits. Make them feel important, needed and part of the community. Genuinely compliment them and let them know by words and action that you really care."

Jaymee credits her mom as being her personal hero.  She overcame a great deal of adversity in her youth and endured so much to give her children a comfortable life and showed her what unconditional love is all about.  She also remained strong in her faith even from afar as Jaymee was going through her breast cancer journey and she feels truly blessed to have her in her life.

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