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Deep Transformation Through A Medical Challenge

Deep Transformation Through A Medical Challenge

I thought I had a pass. Like a get out of jail free card that instead got me out of cancer or any other serious illness or disease.

I thought I had a pass because I had a heart problem and underwent open heart surgery. Twice. The first time at age 14.

I thought I had a pass.

Turns out I was wrong.

In August of 2016, I got the first diagnosis after finding a lump in my left breast …Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Stage 2b. Triple positive. 

And I was determined to do everything I could to heal naturally and fully, stepping powerfully in to my own vibrance.

I switched immediately to a no sugar, low carb, cleaner diet. I took supplements, I had high dose IV vitamin C. I lost 25 pounds and felt so clear and had so much energy. I felt really good.

Enter December 2017.

I had just finished a three-day retreat for work, coaching entrepreneurs on their mindset. I had so much energy and felt really good. I had such a fantastic trip. The day after I came home, I started to feel some pain in my back and belly. Very mild. Thought it was a touch of leaky gut honestly.

Only it slowly and steadily got worse. Until finally I conceded to go to the doctor (I’m not a fan of doctors in general…). Long story short, I had a CT scan and, on my birthday, my primary care doctor (and a friend) called first thing in the morning and said it looked like the cancer had spread.

A new oncologist and a PET scan later, yep. New diagnosis. Stage 4, metastatic cancer spread to the liver, lungs and bones.

Talk about a sucker punch.

Then the whirlwind blew in. First, pain management to deal with the increasing pain (at that point, I was sleeping propped with a cloud of pillows and that was the only position that was comfortable).

Then decisions had to be made about treatment. I started to consider chemo which was a big deal for me. Yet I knew that while I am still a strong believer in supporting the body’s innate ability to heal, I needed more aggressive support. To at least stabilize.

Ultimately, I chose to go to Germany for treatment. I went because they offered a low dose chemo combined with hyperthermia (inducing a high fever state while very closely monitored). They offered infusions and many other health giving and immune boosting therapies. I went because it felt like the most life affirming choice I could make.

And so I went. 4 trips in 4 months. Grueling by the end. And even though it was low dose chemo, my body went through a lot.

It took quite a while to recover from jet lag and treatment and the physical toll as well as the emotional roller coaster.

I’ve been back now for 3 months. I’m more rested. But still recovering. I’ve lost weight and muscle mass and am now beginning the laborious process of rebuilding my muscles. It’s tough to feel so out of shape. But almost every walk brings more energy and improvement in my muscle tone. It’s great to see the improvements.

And you know, it’s a process and a true journey. I knew from the very beginning that this journey is about bringing on a deep transformation in me. I had no idea how deep the process would go and how challenging it could get. I have days where I deeply want a vacation from it all. Only, I take my body with me wherever I go.

Here’s what I know. Cancer, even stage 4, isn’t an enemy and it certainly isn’t a death sentence.

Sure, this whole journey can really suck. And I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. BUT. I am choosing to work with my body, to believe in its amazing-ness. To share the path, to trust deeply and to listen.

It’s not all roses. It’s hard work. And it’s showing me the courage and resilience and positivity I have.

And there are gifts. Like getting to really look at my life and choose to sculpt what I want out of it rather than simply let it pass me by each day. And I’m not a master sculptor just yet. But I’m getting there.

With each day, I’m getting there.

Submitted by Laura Peterson



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