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My Cancer Chic

My Cancer Chic: Anna's Breast Cancer Journey

One minute she was a newlywed planning a family and the next, she was preparing for a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and 5+ years of hormone-blocking treatment. Cancer took control, and Anna and her husband were along for the ride.

The more educated they became, the more power they were able to reclaim. While Anna didn’t have a choice about whether to lose her breasts or her hair, she could control how she approached the situation. She decided that her journey would be one filled with positivity and self-love.

Early into her treatment, she felt isolated and frustrated by the lack of resources available for young women facing a cancer diagnosis. After seeing the need for community and resources to address resource gaps such as changes to intimacy, family planning, working through treatment, mental side effects and how to dress your changing body, she decided to start her blog.

Anna began blogging about her journey and named it My Cancer Chic to share her first-hand knowledge and help other young women feel less alone throughout the cancer experience and inspire them to face adversity with strength, self-confidence, and style.

While cancer temporarily destroyed her plans for the future, it helped her find a new direction in life. To heal and learn how to thrive, she was forced to confront her insecurities and redefine her self-worth beyond the physical.

Today, Anna is immensely proud of the woman that she has become and grateful for the opportunity to use her experience and passion to give young women hope for a life of beyond breast cancer filled with joy and self-confidence.

She considers her husband to be her personal hero. Throughout her journey, he went above and beyond to support and empower her even in her darkest times. Anna considers him to be her rock and her partner. As she grows her blog and business, he is always there to inspire her to be a better woman and share her story in ways that impact the world.

Anna's Husband

You can follow Anna's journey at and she can be found on Instagram @MyCancerChic.



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