Stop Bullying Through Random Acts of Kindness

Stop Bullying Through Random Acts of Kindness

Are you a lucky resident of Rhode Island?

If so.....HUGE kuddos to your state!

Currently the state of Rhode Island is encouraging students to participate in a contest to stand up against bullying while spreading kindness and love. Middle school students are encouraged to perform a random act of kindness and post a picture or video to Instagram.  Behind this effort is the Rhode Island organization, Community Against Bullying in Schools (CABINS). CABINS is a non-profit organization that is making a difference through raising awareness and spreading the message that bullying is NOT OK!

CABINS was founded after one of the children within their community took his own life after difficulties at school. As the community rallied together to show support for the family, and to stand up against bullying, they decided to start the organization, CABINS, to do their part to prevent this from happening again.

What a great way for a community to come together while encouraging children to spread kindness. The only way that we can overcome bullying is by emphasizing kindness. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could do this in every state! Imagine how our schools would be if administrators, teachers and parents put together programs like this to show that kindness is cool and bullying is not.

Thank you State of Rhode Island for making a difference!

Imagine Instagram being flooded with pictures of random acts of kindness. This would be a great step towards spreading compassion in our youth!

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