Our Circumstances Do Not Define Us

Our Circumstances Do Not Define Us

Michael Vaudreuil is not your typical engineering student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He did not come from a home with money that could pay to put him through this private college. He did not have scholarships to cover his tuition.

To the contrary, Michael had to work hard to earn his way across the stage to accept his college degree. In 2007, Michael's business took a turn for the worse with the recession. He lost everything...home, car and had to declare bankruptcy. 

Michael took the only job he could find as a custodian at WPI and he soon signed up for the free classes the university offered their employees. Through those first classes he found a love for mechanical engineering. 

Eight years later of classes all day and cleaning all night, Michael walked across that stage and received his mechanical engineering degree. 

Michael Vaudreuil you are a Personal Hero! Thank you for showing up that our circumstances do not define us. When we have a dream and passion in our heart, anything is possible!

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