One Small Act Creates A Ripple Of Kindness

One Small Act Creates A Ripple Of Kindness

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
~ Mother Teresa

After being diagnosed with stomach cancer, Brice Royer found himself wanting to connect with others to help lessen the feelings of being alone. He put an ad on Craigslist that read "unconditional love for $0." Little did he know how this small act of reaching out would touch so many lives.

Royer became an internet sensation as people rallied around him sending carrots, one of the few foods he was able to digest. People started posting pictures using hashtag #eatscarrotsforbrice which during a very difficult time, managed to put a smile on Brice's face. Just a 'drop in the ocean' that meant the world to one random stranger.

Before long that drop created ripples. Brice, being overwhelmed with the kindness of strangers wanted to find a way to somehow pay it forward. Then one day Francesca Murray entered into Brice's life. She saw his Craigslist post and although she herself was struggling with her own challenges, she reached out and offered to help cook for Royer.

Royer later found out that Murray was living in a shelter with her toddler. Wanting to find a way to repay all the kindness that had been bestowed upon him, Royer arranged for organic groceries to be delivered to her shelter every week. But he didn't stop there!

Knowing that Murray would soon need to leave the shelter, he sought the help of his friends in starting a fundraiser to help give her a home. As his friend states on their online fundraiser "what if we built a sustainable solar-powered tiny house that could be temporary housing not only for Francesca, but also for other people experiencing transitions?" This become their goal. To raise $25,000 to build Murray a tiny home.

Once again the kindness of others continued the ripple of that one drop. They managed to raise the funds and within two months Murray was living in her new home. 


If you ever wondered "am I really making a difference?", may this story show you how one small act-one small drop, can create huge beautiful ripples that can impact many. Through one person reaching out to connect with others, his life was changed for the better as was many others.

And for the beautiful ending to this story....

  • Francesca Murray is now living in permanent housing and is a public speaker. You can find her website at 
  • Brice Royer is CANCER FREE!
  • The City of Vancouver is continuing discussions to build tiny homes to help people like Murray with transitional housing.

Indeed, the ocean would be less if this single drop was never created!

I'd love to hear what you think of this story in comments. Have you ever been the receiver of an act of kindness, or have you been involved in an act that created ripple effects?

credit: Huffington Post, FundRazr