Holding the Key to Make a Difference in a Child's Life

Recently I watched the video "Educating Yorkshire - Mushy - The Journey" and it brought me to tears. You see, Mushy is a child that has a speech impediment and was the focus of bullying and subsequent acting out. To imagine the life of a child that only wants to be accepted and enjoy a normal life like the others around him, yet is left out because of his differences, is heartbreaking. Mushy could easily have continued on a path of low self-esteem, seclusion and believing his future held very little if it was not for the dedication of his teachers, specifically his English teacher.  This teacher, Mr. Burton not only did not give up on Mushy but he believed in him and gave Mushy the confidence he needed to push himself to overcome his impediment. Mr. Burton gave Mushy the most beautiful gift...the gift of his voice!

Please watch this video as it will truly warm your heart. You will learn that teachers truly are a gift. They hold the key to make such a difference in our children's lives and they do it with very little pay or recognition.  Many teachers pour their heart and soul into what they do not because it is a prestigious profession but because they love children and the power they have to touch their lives.

All it takes is for one teacher to believe in a child to totally change the path that child may take. If you are a teacher....God bless you!  You are doing one of the most important jobs in this world!  And if you are a parent, please take the time to recognize what our teachers are faced with....low pay yet the task of educating and helping to shape our children's lives. Such a HUGE task!  Let's show our support to our teachers and thank them for the impact they have on our children's lives!