5 Secrets to a Truly Memorable Anniversary Gift

5 Secrets to a Truly Memorable Anniversary Gift

Buying a meaningful gift for your wife on your anniversary can be a wonderful experience but it can also be very frustrating and stressful. When you are bombarded with numerous gift options, finding the perfect gift can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. The best gifts are ones that will be cherished and can be enjoyed regularly to remind her of your love. Here are the five secrets to helping you find the perfect gift for your anniversary:

1.  It doesn't just last a couple days

The flowers and chocolates that men fall back on as an easy gift are perfect to complement but should not be your main gift. Problem is, they don't last! Although there is something amazing about looking at a fresh bouquet that will undoubtedly put a smile on the her face, after several days they will fade and the sentiment will be forgotten.  And as for chocolates....if they manage to last a couple days, then it probably wasn't the best gift to start out with.

These candles are truly a reason to celebrate. An environmentally conscious product that is unparalleled to any "traditional" candle. The Grapefruit Mangosteen aroma fills the air with a crisp, tangy feel. The energy poured into these candles make for a more rewarding experience. The perfect "pick me up" after a long day! I am very grateful to have found such a wonderful candle. I highly recommend Intention Candles!

~ Nicole P.

2.  Is unique

No woman wants to be walking around with the same sweater that all her friends are wearing. If it can be bought in a big box store or is the latest fad then you need to pass it up. 

I received 2 of these Love Bracelets and I absolutely LOVE them. They are gorgeous!!! Beautiful gemstones and high quality craftsmanship.

~ Liz 

3.  Has emotional meaning

Yes that vacuum cleaner might come in handy, but it seriously lacks any emotional meaning! Women especially long for emotional connections and the acknowledgement that a gift was well thought out. A gift that tugs at her heart is a sure winner!

I am completely in love with the celebrate candle!! It smells incredible and has such a great message. Not only does it smell amazing but it makes me smile every time I look at it. I can't wait to get more of these candles! I highly recommend them!!

~ Natalie

4.  Presentation means everything

When you find the perfect gift, you want to make sure that the packaging conveys the thought. The gift experience starts with receiving a beautiful package. Do you remember the anticipation of opening that package with the big bow and sparkly paper at Christmas? Your anniversary gift should be one that your wife wants to delicately open because she doesn't want to miss any part of the experience.

The wrapping, presentation and the quality of the product are second to none. So ideal for gifts!

~ Christina 

5.  Includes a charitable contribution

One way you can make your gift truly unique and memorable is to purchase an item that also gives a portion of proceeds to charity. Most purchases you will make in large retail stores will only profit the store itself, but the best small online businesses are contributing a portion of their profits to help make the world a better place. Not only can you give her a heartfelt gift but you can also let her know that she helped to support a charitable cause....win win!


So, are you wondering what is the perfect gift?

At Personal Hero, our mission is to create meaningful and inspirational gifts that will honor the important people in your life. Gifts that are unique and help to relay your message of love and gratitude. We believe our reviews speak for themselves! When you purchase a gift from Personal Hero you are creating a memorable experience that will be remembered and enjoyed on a a daily basis.



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Forever Love Gratitude Bracelet comes with an insert that reads "each time this bracelet is worn, be reminded of your blessings and the people that are grateful for you." This bracelet is made from the very rare kunzite precious gemstones. They are a stunning delicate lavender color and are the symbol of love and marriage. They are the ideal stone to signify eternal love. These precious stones are highlighted with a sapphire drop pendant. Sapphire stones symbolize the pledge of love and commitment. 


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